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NHL lockout: Sharks' Marty Havlat returns to Bay Area, is healthy

San Jose Sharks forward Martin Havlat said he is healthy after suffering a hamstring injury last season.

Martin Rose

San Jose Sharks forward Martin Havlat has returned to the Bay Area with his family after spending a few months in his native Czech Republic, according to CSN Bay Area. After his wife, Ivana, gave birth to a daughter in July, the couple visited the Czech Republic before recently returning to get his young daughter routine shots.

Havlat told CSN Bay Area's Kevin Kurz that he would have been ready to skate for the Sharks' preseason in September had it not been for the lockout. He suffered a hamstring injury in the 2011-12 season and played in only 39 games for the Sharks. Havlat returned toward the end of the year and said that he's currently trying to stay in shape, just as everyone else is doing.

Last year, the 31 year old and 11-year NHL veteran scored seven goals and recorded 20 assists.

Despite being connected to his agent, Allan Walsh, a harsh NHL critic, Havlat told Kurz he was optimistic the lockout will end in the near future.