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Sharks' Dan Boyle says owners controlled by '8 guys'

Sharks defenseman Dan Boyle had some tough talk for the NHL owners on Thursday.

Geoff Burke-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

After the news came down that the NHL will be cancelling the first two weeks of their season, CSN Bay Area's Kevin Kurz got a chance to catch up with San Jose Sharks defenseman Dan Boyle, who had some choice words about the status of the lockout and the owners' place in all of this mess.

Boyle feels that nothing will happen on either side of the lockout until the money starts getting tighter for the players. "I don't think they're serious about doing anything until we start missing some checks," Boyle said Thursday morning.

Personal economics aside, Boyle sees the real problem stemming from the fact that a few owners hold much of the power and end up dictating what happens to the entire league:

"I think when players make comments, sometimes it's directed towards 30 owners, but I think a lot of us feel that it's not across the board. It's a certain group of teams that are controlling 30 others. It doesn't make any sense to me that eight teams can control the fate of 22 other ones."

Boyle, a 13-year NHL veteran, stated last week that the players are ready to start negotiating but the NHL isn't. He is not optimistic that a deal can get done before the loss of the entire season.