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USD coach Ron Caragher says he interviewed for San Jose State head coaching job

The head coach was in town on a local recruiting trip when he interviewed for the SJSU coaching vacancy.


University of San Diego head coach Ron Caragher told the U-T San Diego that he interviewed for the San Jose State head coaching job while in the area for a recruiting trip.

"They had questions, and I had questions," Caragher told the newspaper. "Right now it's really at the exploratory point. But it was something I felt I had to check out. They said they plan on interviewing other people, so I won't know anything more until early next week."

The circumstances were a matter of convenience for the Bay Area native, who happened to be in town due to coaching duties. He managed to make time to conduct the interview outside of those responsibilities.

Former SJSU head coach Mike MacIntyre left on Monday to take over the head coaching position at the University of Colorado after leading the Spartans to a 10-2 record, including a 5-1 mark in WAC conference play. The Spartans are currently guided by interim head coach Kent Baer, and are preparing to play the Military Bowl against Bowling Green.