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Sharks Offseason: Shane Doan Interested In San Jose

The San Jose Sharks continue to look for marquee free agents. Could Shane Doan be one of those individuals that really helps fill out what San Jose is looking for offensively?

Colin Becht of CSN Bay Area has filed this report.

Shane Doan is interested in coming to Sharks, according to his agent, Terry Bross.

But before you make plans to buy a Doan jersey, you should know San Jose isn’t the only suitor in which Doan has reportedly expressed interest.

Bross reportedly told the Canucks, Penguins, Blackhawks and Red Wings that his client has an interest in playing for them, too. At least 11 teams have reportedly called about Doan.

Doan would be a good fit for the Sharks have in mind, but he's getting up there in age and had his worst season since 2001, as all of his averages appeared to decline across the board. Nevertheless, his physical presence would be the kind of hockey the Sharks like. They like guys who impose and are tough to play against, even if they don't put up the numbers. That's the kind of guy Doan is.

On the downside, he's going to be overpriced compared to the other free agents the Sharks could pick up. There's probably limited value at his age, as he could be just too old to be productive down the line in the later years of any contract that gets done. This is a decent concern, although it might not keep the Sharks from offering him a solid deal to shore up the short-term needs of the organization.

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