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NHL Trade Rumors: Sharks 'Very' Interested In Rick Nash, But It Still Seems A Longshot

Maybe the 2011-12 season would have went differently for the San Jose Sharks if a certain mid-season move that was in the works actually went through as opposed to being axed at the last minute. That is in reference to, of course, the potential deal for Columbus Blue Jackets star Rick Nash.

When the whole trade saga began, there was little hope among Sharks fans that the team might be in on the Nash sweepstakes, but after a report came out that San Jose was on Nash's short list of teams he'd be willing to be traded to, it was on. More and more media reported that the Sharks were in on the trade talks and one of the favorites throughout the process.

One rumor even said a deal was likely. But a shadow of doubt was quickly cast on the hopes when it was reported that the Blue Jackets wanted the trade talks to start with Logan Couture. San Jose quickly said that's not happening, and to their credit, they reportedly tried to put together multiple alternative deals that didn't involve the young star. They were in on a potential deal up until the final hour when Columbus wouldn't budge on Couture, so they pulled out of the deal.

And now Nash is likely on the block again. He wants to be traded and things are very amicable at this point. So are the Sharks back in on the deal? Fans assured themselves that yes, they'd re-visit things in the offseason. There's just one problem.

Columbus still wants Couture.

That's simply not going to happen. Couture means too much to this organization right now. The trade-off is simply not worth it on any level and if Nash is to come to San Jose, it has to happen without Couture. So Kevin Kurz of Comcast SportsNet Bay Area explores another option - James van Riemsdyk of the Philadelphia Flyers.

It's certainly interesting, and the Sharks did go after him at the trade deadline as well. San Jose is likely in a position where they're going to be very active in the trade market leading up to the draft and during the draft. It's actually something that doesn't seem terribly unlikely. But where would a trade for JVR start?

Probably Douglas Murray and Alex Stalock. Kurz also touches up on that, but Philly really needs players on defense and in net, and the Sharks can afford to make a move like that, especially with the signing of Brad Stuart.

Of course, this is all on the assumption that Columbus will not budge in regards to Couture. Because the Sharks surely won't. If they do, though ... Nash could very well come this way, as the Sharks remain legitimately interested. It will certainly be interesting to see where things go.