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Sharks Offseason 2012: Owners Deem Last Season 'Not Acceptable,' Front Office Changes On The Horizon?

Despite making the playoffs once more this year San Jose Sharks ownership released a statement on Wednesday to voice their concern for the franchise after a 2012 season in which they deemed 'not acceptable.'

Below is that statement:

"The on-ice results of our team this season are not acceptable to our fans, our organization or our ownership group. We will not lower our expectation that every San Jose Sharks team we put on the ice is capable of winning the Stanley Cup. Despite the fact that our team has experienced a tremendous amount of success over the past eight seasons, we are not satisfied with those results and neither is Doug. The ownership group has confidence that Doug will make the necessary changes to ensure our club remains among the NHL's elite franchises."

Doug, being of course team GM Doug Wilson already spoke about head coach Todd McLellan and his status with the team earlier in the week, but things can always change.

"I believe in Todd. We've gone to the final four, he won a Cup in Detroit, he knows this game. But, there are some things we will all sit down and have to get better [at]. We don't believe in excuses and avoidance, and there are some things that are quite apparent that have to be fixed for us to be successful."

Wilson would also note that he is just as much responsible for all of this and will likely be in the hot seat as well as McLellan, though noted he would comment no further until the team was further along in it's review process of the front office situation. With the language used by the ownership, it's seems they may feel it's time to cause some ripples in an otherwise stagnent situation.

It doesn't look as though that will start with Wilson, given the statement, though.

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