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NHL Playoffs 2012: Coyotes Move Into First Place Ahead Of Sharks

The San Jose Sharks were off on Friday after picking up a huge win over the Kings, but they still managed to fall out of first place. The Phoenix Coyotes, who sat one point back of the Sharks and Kings as the day began, knocked off the Blues this evening by a score of 4-1, moving them into first place. All three teams now have just one game remaining on the schedule.

The Coyotes now have 95 points and a road game against the Minnesota Wild remaining. The Sharks and Kings have 94 and will square off once again on Saturday night.

So here is how the Pacific Division and playoff seeding will break down: if the Coyotes win, they take the division and the No. 3 seed in the Western Conference. If they lose, the winner of San Jose vs. Los Angeles wins the division and the three seed, providing it's in regulation - otherwise the Kings win the tiebreak if they both get a point via overtime. Pretty simple, right?

Saturday should be a wild day of hockey, especially if Thursday's matchup between the Sharks and Kings is anything to go by. Get ready, folks.

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