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Pacific Division Playoff Picture: Sharks Sit One Point Back Of Kings, Coyotes

The San Jose Sharks have just two games remaining on their schedule after knocking off the Stars on Tuesday night. With four of the five teams in the Pacific Division still in the playoff picture, you can bet this next week is going to be crazy as teams play with their playoff hopes on the line.

As of Wednesday morning, the Los Angeles Kings and Phoenix Coyotes are tied atop the division with 93 points. The Sharks are in second with 92 points. The Stars are hanging on by a thread in third with 89 points.

The Sharks and Kings will face each other in their final two games, with both clubs getting one home game. The Coyotes have a very tough road game to play in St. Louis on Friday night, and will then return home to take on the struggling Minnesota Wild. The Stars will head to Nashville and then return home to face the Blues to close out their season.

If the Sharks sweep the Kings, they'll either be the No. 3 seed or No. 7 seed in the Western Conference, depending on what the Coyotes do.

If they split the final two games, they Sharks likely to end up the No. 7 or No. 8 seed.

If they lose both, they'll either get the final 8th seed or miss the playoffs completely, depending on what the Stars do.

Dallas has to win both games or they're eliminated from the race completely.

As they like to say in Oakland: Just Win, Baby. That's all San Jose can really do at this point in the season. Take care of business and you're playoff bound.

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