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San Jose Sharks Will Almost Certainly Make Changes During Offseason

The San Jose Sharks had a season of ups and downs and were ushered out of the playoffs in short order. The team is expected to make changes in the offseason.


To say the San Jose Sharks had a turbulent season is an understatement. At the beginning of the 2011-12 NHL season, the Sharks were red-hot and looked like a lock to take the Pacific Division and make another deep run at the postseason. After the All-Star break, however, the team struggled mightily, making the playoffs by the skin of their teeth. By the time the first round of the Stanley Cup playoffs rolled around, the Sharks had precious little left in the tank.

David Pollak of the Mercury News reports that the roster is likely to undergo significant changes during the offseason. By the end of their opening -round loss to the St. Louis Blues, it was clear that the team, as presently constructed, is not the roster that will bring the Stanley Cup to the Bay Area. Pollak insinuates that the changes may go all the way to the top, as general manager Doug Wilson's job may not be guaranteed as the 2012-13 season begins.

Pollak does a great job of breaking down the possibilities to stay and to go in the coming months. The article is well worth a read, so click through to check it out.

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