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VIDEO: Blues Bench Breaks, Backup Bench Gets Moment In Spotlight

The St. Louis Blues hosted the San Jose Sharks on Saturday night in the second game of their NHL playoff series. The game was hard-fought and won 3-0 by the Blues. The St. Louis victory, however, was not without casualties. I'm not referring to any players knocked out of the game, I'm referring to the most crippling blow suffered by the home team all night: their beloved bench.

Midway through the game, the St. Louis bench suffered a catastrophic injury and was unable to continue. The Blues players huddled around their fallen butt-support, watching in concern as the debris was tidied up and the second-string bench was fetched from the clubhouse (one can only assume the backup bench had been watching on the monitor and quickly had some practice butts seated upon it in preparation for entering the big game).

When it was finally time for the backup bench to go into action, it was a scene as stirring as the third act of Rudy. Just try watching this touching moment and tell me it doesn't bring a tear to your eye.

He's just so darn brave.

Certainly, it's never sporting for one to wish a bench injury, but you can't help but pull for Backup Bench in this scenario. That poor guy never gets a moment in the sun. How often do benches break in hockey, anyway? Backup Bench probably sees even less playing time than Brandon Belt.

Well, OK, maybe not less than Brandon Belt.

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