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2012 NHL Playoffs: SB Nation Studios Makes Their Predictions [VIDEO]

The NHL Playoffs are in full swing, and it's anyone's Stanley Cup to lose at this point. Playoff hockey is one of the most difficult things to predict in the history of mankind but SB Nation's very own Travis Hughes tries to do the impossible by forecasting history with his 2012 NHL Playoff predictions.

Make the jump to see for yourself.

Stanley Cup Playoff Predictions (via sbnation)

Hughes chose the St. Louis Blues to win their opening round series against the San Jose Sharks, which starts Thursday night at the Scottrade Center in St. Louis. Many feel that the Sharks truly are the underdog in this series, but you never really know until the puck is dropped.

For more news and notes on the San Jose Sharks, make sure that you check out SB Nation's dedicated Sharks blog Fear the Fin. For the Blues side of the story, head on over to St. Louis Game Time.

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