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Todd McLellan: Master Of The Unwitting Backhanded Compliment

The San Jose Sharks will take on the St. Louis Blues in the first round of the 2012 Stanley Cup playoffs. Sharks head coach Todd McLellan proved on Tuesday that he is an unparalleled master of trash-talk ... even if he may not know it.

Kevin Kurz of CSN Bay Area spoke with McLellan on Tuesday. One of the topics of conversation that came up was the uncertainty about who would be in the net for the Blues in Game 1. Both Brian Elliott and Jaroslav Halak have a chance to start at goalie against the Sharks. McLellan offered up this interesting -- and telling -- take on the situation - make the jump for it.

"[It’s] a little bit like the [Mark] Sanchez - [Tim] Tebow situation in New York, two very good quarterbacks that both want to play," McLellan said, referring to football's Jets. "I guess the trick there is figuring out who the team is comfortable playing in front of, and playing that guy. Sometimes, it’s a hard thing for a coach to do."

I can only assume that McLellan, being Canadian, has never watched an "American-rules football" game in his life and has only heard that there's some sort of ruckus involving two dynamite, boffo, superstar quarterbacks in that crazy old Big Apple that people won't stop talking about.

But oh man, calling Mark Sanchez and Tim Tebow "very good quarterbacks" and comparing the Blues goalies to them? Double-burn. Double ice-burn. That's low, McLellan. There's putting the foil on and then there's this. If either Elliott or Halak were American -- and thus had any context whatsoever of this "football's Jets" business -- you can bet they would be so steamed.

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