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Sharks Analyst Drew Remenda Emotional, Argues With Ray Ratto Following Loss To Coyotes

It's no secret that things aren't going the way the San Jose Sharks would like, on many different fronts. Whether they're not helping Antti Niemi out defensively or guys like Logan Couture and Joe Pavelski are unable to put the puck in net, the only thing that really matters is that the Sharks aren't winning games. After the Sharks lost to the Phoenix Coyotes in a 2-0 shutout on Thursday, they fell to No. 9 in the Western Conference and No. 4 in the Pacific Division -- out of the playoffs if they were to start today.

CSN Bay Area took a look at why they're losing and explored the topic of "excuses." Most notably, Ray Ratto and Drew Remenda got into it - or rather, Ratto said some things and Remenda, who is closer to the team on a more emotional level than Ratto is, responded emotionally. Then again, it's not ... "fan" emotion, per se. His response is apt, but I also think that Ratto was making a good point until he got to a specific statement. Make the jump for more.

The biggest issue with what Ratto said, to me, is that he went with the "they don't care" argument, whether he meant to or not. That's always something I've personally felt is insulting to say about the teams and players who pour their heart and soul into the game. That being said, he was making a good point until that. Video below, or check it out at CSN Bay Area.