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NHL Trade Rumors: Sharks Still Pursuing Rick Nash, Won't Make Snap Decision

Rick Nash is still dominating the headlines around the NHL, and for good reason. The trade deadline is fast approaching, and it's looking like a deal is going to get done (something that didn't seem likely at first, given the job security of the Columbus Blue Jackets general manager). For the San Jose Sharks, it could mean bolstering a team that is hitting a rough patch in its season, as the loser in their last four games. One of those losses was to the same Blue Jackets, in which the Sharks gave up four goals in the first period in an eventual 6-3 loss.

But don't expect the Sharks to push harder for Nash based on recent play, however. Though it's true that word is the Sharks are in heavy pursuit of Nash, David Pollak of the San Jose Mercury News has some quotes from general manager Doug Wilson regarding said potential trade.

Well, that's a bit of a misnomer - he said nothing of the potential trade because the company line is that these kinds of things remain in confidence (as they should, despite us rapid media hounds). What he did say was that the Sharks weren't going to make any snap decisions regarding a trade. More than that, he said that the Sharks weren't going to take their recent record into account when making said decision.

That's definitely a good thing. While most believe the Sharks will get better with Nash on the roster, the Sharks need to spend plenty of time picking the right move, especially given that it's not their usual modus operandi to make a big trade like this one during the season.

In the mean time, they'll close out the week with games against the Toronto Maple Leafs and Nashville Predators on Thursday and Saturday, respectively. Those games will be games seven and eight on their current road trip. They'll start the next week with game nine before returning back to the HP Pavilion.