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Rick Nash Rumors: San Jose Sharks Among Five Teams Where He Will Accept Trade

The 2012 NHL trade deadline is fast approaching, which means rumors are heating up around some of the biggest names in the game. Rick Nash is arguably the biggest name on the market as reports have the Columbus Blue Jackets considering a move to shore up a potential rebuilding effort.

The rumors have reached a point where Nash has expressed a willingness to waive his no-movement clause for one of five teams. That list includes the San Jose Sharks, Toronto Maple Leafs, Boston Bruins. New York Rangers and Los Angeles Kings. Of those teams, the Rangers have been given the most established links to a potential trade.

The Sharks are in the market for some offensive production as they find themselves in a dogfight with the Kings and Nash would provide more than enough fireworks. Nash would cost them a significant package of picks and players, potentially including a guy like Joe Pavelski. There have been no specific rumors pertaining to a Sharks trade package, but it would be significant no matter what.

It will be interesting to see where this goes, given the differences to recent seasons in which the deadline was approaching. San Jose has always been the team linked to acquiring that season's best available defenseman, and now they're linked to a guy like Nash, who would certainly bolster the Sharks offensive production (at a much higher cost).

More to come on this developing story. Head over to Fear The Fin for more discussion as the February 27 NHL trade deadline approaches.