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2011 NHL Draft TV Schedule: VERSUS, NHL Network To Broadcast All Seven Rounds

The 2011 NHL Draft gets underway at 4:00pm pacific when the Edmonton Oilers make the first selection. VERSUS, one of the home networks of the NHL, will be broadcasting four hours of first round coverage as the teams look for that next great talent. Prior to VERSUS' draft coverage, the NHL Network will provide an hour-long preview show to get you ready. If you miss out on VERSUS' coverage of the draft, the NHL Network will provide a recap show at 8:00pm pacific and re-air it several times through the evening. The NHL Network will also re-air the first round at 11:00pm and 4:00am.

The NHL Network will then provide exclusive coverage of the second through seventh rounds of the Draft. If you've got Comcast in the Bay Area, NHL Network in HD is channel 728 and channel 419 in standard definition. VERSUS HD is channel 723 and VERSUS SD is channel 81. There is no word as of yet whether either VERSUS or NHL Network will be providing a live online stream for the draft. If you'll be away from a TV, I recommend checking the NHL Network website and (working with VERSUS) on either day of the draft.

The San Jose Sharks will be selecting 28th in the first round, which means fans will be waiting for a little bit before the Sharks come up. They then own five picks over the remaining six rounds, with none in the fifth or seventh rounds. For more on the Sharks 2011 draft picks, click here. For more in-depth discussion of the Sharks, head over to Fear The Fin.