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Earthquake vs. Shark Part III: Jon Busch & Jason Demers Take On the 5 Hole Challenge

The San Jose Earthquakes goalkeeper Jon Busch and San Jose Sharks defensemen Jason Demers have been taking part in a series of challenges to determine the true king of San Jose; but is it a Shark or an Earthquake? The series currently is tied at one challenge a piece, but their latest challenge, the 5 hole challenge, is the most difficult yet to date.

 A cover is placed over the goal at HP Pavillion and both players have to attempt and make a shot in the '5 hole' triangle at the bottom of the net. After a couple of tries for each, Demers is the first to hit and take the lead. Not long afterwards Busch makes one of his own, leveling this match at one apiece and eventually ending in a tie. The video series will continue as Busch foreshadows their next meeting 'on the pitch' at the end of the video. Always very entertaining to watch these two go at it, can't wait to see how Demers does off of the ice. 

Jason Demers v Jon Busch in the 5 Hole Challenge