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Green Men Be Damned, Canucks Fan Flashes Ben Eager During Game Two (Video)

What a subtle way of trolling someone in the penalty box. Oh sure, you can jeer at them, you can bang on the glass, and you can put any matter of cardboard cutout against the glass you can think of, all in an effort to make them detest being in that box. The Green Men are especially good at doing this, and thus are generally loved or hated worldwide. But somebody else stole the show in game two of the conference finals between the San Jose Sharks and Vancouver Canucks.

When Ben Eager went to the penalty box ... well, in one of the five occasions he went to the penalty box, Eager was treated to, well, something not entirely insulting or perhaps maybe it is ... or maybe it wasn't. At any rate, the woman who lifted up her shirt and presented her breasts to Eager has people thinking and guessing, the first step of good trolling. More thoughts on this, as well as a NOT SAFE FOR WORK video after the jump.

So, you can look at this one of two ways. Perhaps this woman was thinking, "Hey, he's in the penalty box ... the whole point of the box is the fact that you're not out there on the ice; the fact that there's something better out there. If I show him these, also on the other side of the glass, that will be two places he wishes he could be, but he can't! Sucker!" That would definitely be insulting and mildly infuriating while serving one of five penalties.

Or, perhaps she subscribed to the line of thinking that Eager would like what he saw and be encouraged to commit more and more penalties, spending more and more time in the box. Eager would go on to spend twenty minutes in the penalty box. That's in a sixty-minute hockey game, folks. Coincidence? I think not.

That or she thought Eager would be offended by her breasts, which is ... odd to say the least. Anyway, there's an embedded video below, but since YouTube is run by a bunch of squares, there's a link to a picture here. THIS IS ALL NOT SAFE FOR WORK I AM WARNING YOU, YOU FOOLS!