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Los Angeles Kings Coach Terry Murray Skips Postgame Handshake, Joe Thornton Celebration Gif

After the San Jose Sharks 4-3 overtime win against the Los Angeles Kings last night, the teams lined up to do the very customary handshake. Los Angeles head coach Terry Muray was not among those in line shaking hands and congratulating eachother on a job well done. Before I go further, Jason Plank of Fear The Fin does a wonderful job explaining his stance on the whole ordeal, and you should read that. Personally, I agree with him, but it is still very hard to not feel slighted at this point.

As noted, both Devin Setoguchi and Jamal Mayers tweeted about the non-handshake and both seemed to express that they felt slighted. Also as noted, that's what is important here - the players are what matters at this point, not that way we as fans feel, so them tweeting opens up the floodgates and allows me to call this move out as ... well, and outright showing of no class. Here's a link to the Setoguchi tweet, and here's one to the Mayers tweet.

Murray would go on to tell the Dreger Report that he was among the first coaches to shake hands with the San Jose coaches, but that shaking hands with players "has never been customary." I'm inclined to respectfully disagree at that point, the handshake is very much customary ... but do with it what you will. Personally, I feel as though Murray acted like a child for a good portion of the series, but I won't pretend to know how he felt after the game six loss, so I won't hold it against him too much.

That being said, after the jump, we've got Joe Thornton .gif celebration goodness! After scoring the winning goal in overtime, Thornton did a celebratory slide across the ice, and thanks to Fear The Fin reader and commenter you'vejustbeenCAINED for posting it first. Also, if you missed it, here's a video of the goal