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Earthquakes Jon Busch Takes on Sharks Jason Demers in San Jose 'Shootout'

Sometimes when you have something to settle, you have turn to sports to set it straight. And that is exactly what San Jose Sharks defensemen Jason Demers and San Jose Earthquakes goalkeeper Jon Busch did recently. They meshed their respective sports together to decide once and for all, who is the top dog in San Jose; a Shark or an Earthquake?

Both players took to the ice for the unscripted 'shootout' at HP Pavillion, donning their respective jerseys with a pair of skates. The 'shootout' was set up like an NHL shootout, except instead of a puck they used a soccer ball to try and fire away with their sticks. It is quite amusing to watch grown men playing with each other like children making things up in their backyard, especially when they try to flash some fancy puck handling skills with a friggin soccer ball. Can't really get the same zip on your slapshot with a inflated ball, but they tried their best anyway.

I think Jon Busch had a bit of an advantage as he played hockey growing up and is a professional goalkeeper, although logic would say that Demers has the edge because they're playing his sport. Both had their times in the crease and on the offensive as well, take a look at how it all went down:

EARTHQUAKE VS SHARK: The Shootout (via sanjoseearthquakes)

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