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Sharks vs. Kings NHL Playoff Scores: Sharks Fail To Show Up, Kings Happy To Accept 4-0 Win

Having to defend six power plays did not help the San Jose Sharks one bit. Three of them came in the first period, and off them, two goals. Ben Eager was called on a slashing penalty and the Kings were out on their first power play of the game, which would lead to their first goal of the game, when Ryan Smyth screened Antti Niemi perfectly and Jack Johnson smacked one in almost effortlessly. Niemi never saw the puck.

Ryane Clowe didn't help things much, getting called on an elbowing penalty (and shortly after, a a cross checking penalty) that led to Joe Thornton making a big error which, coupled with slacking play at the top of the zone for the Sharks, led to a Drew Doughty goal. With the power play almost killed, Thornton decided to circle back into San Jose's zone instead of clearing it out in an effort to take up more power play time. All it took was a giveaway, and Doughty struck for the first time of the night. In the second period, Doughty got his second goal of the game when he circled to the point and let loose with a rocket to the net that Niemi had no chance to stop.

You can bill that one as Thornton's second mistake of the game, as he had all the time in the world to get in the shooting lane and prevent that, but he didn't even attempt to do so and at that point it was a 3-0 game. Kyle Clifford would eventually score in the third, assisted by Doughty, who was in on all four goals on the night, with two goals and two assists. Jonathan Quick had a great night, stopping all 34 shots that went his way.

They probably could have told Quick to play blindfolded and the Kings would have won, as it felt like Los Angeles was blocking more shorts with their defense than their goalie himself. Every single time a puck was near, the Kings capitalized with stellar stick play. As a contrast to that, the Sharks sort of coasted their way through the game, not fighting for the puck and not going for scoring opportunities. The word "tentative" was heard a lot through the game, and it's apt. They did a good job of controlling the puck in the LA zone, but all they could do was pass it back and forth, they didn't get shooting opportunities, let alone scoring opportunities.

The series shifts to Los Angeles and game three will take place on Tuesday at 7:30 p.m.