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Sharks vs. King NHL Playoffs Game One: LA Responds With Impressive 2nd Period, Tied At 2-2 Heading Into Third

A vastly improved team came out of the Los Angeles Kings locker room, as they fought back from a 1-0 deficit to tie it at one all, then again to tie it at 2-2 after the San Jose Sharks got ahead again, and finally, finished the period dominating play in San Jose's zone. After being outshot in the first period, the Kings came back to outshoot San Jose 16-9 in the second. The Kings did a better job of sustaining attack in the Sharks zone throughout the period.

The first goal of the period came on the power play, when San Jose took advantage of two breakaway opportunities, but played it too aggressive and a shot wide from Logan Couture wrapped around the goal and turned into a 3-on-1. Justin Williams took the puck into San Jose's zone and dished it to Dustin Brown, beating Antti Niemi, who was otherwise solid throughout the period.

It was a big mistake for Couture, but he made up for it by flying past Drew Doughty, giving a beautiful deke to avoid the hip check and slipped the puck in between the post and Jonathan Quick to put the Sharks back up 2-1. The Kings answered back though, and a mistake behind the San Jose goal led to Justin Williams snagging a lose puck and getting a goal on his own to go with his assist. Ryane Clowe picked up his second assist of the game on the Couture shot.

The San Jose Sharks are still ahead on shots, leading the Kings 23-19 in that regard, but the final two minutes of play were wholly dominated by the Kings, who had several opportunities to score, but the Sharks just squeaked by. They'll need to shake that off heading into the third.