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NHL Playoff Bracket 2011: Will You See The Sharks Move Across This?

We're underway, the 2011 NHL Playoffs are beginning as this post is being prepared. The Stanley Cup is one of the hardest trophies to get year in and year out, and everybody is excited, as they should be. SB Nation went ahead and put together their very own 2011 NHL Playoff Bracket. You can follow that and get updated as we get through the quarterfinals and onwards to the Stanley Cup. The second page (just scroll down, confused folks) will show you the SB Nation blogs for each team, so you can go and discuss the goings-on with your favorite fans, or perhaps engage in some light trash talk ... but don't tell them we told you to.

The San Jose Sharks get things started against the Los Angeles Kings on Thursday, and will be working to move right across that particular bracket. As noted earlier, they're at least favored to make it two places into the conference finals, but the Vancouver Canucks are the ones that Vegas believes will make it all the way across.

We'll see. Here's the link again, for the bracket.