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San Jose Sharks Send Second Round Pick, Derek Joslin To Carolina For Ian White

After much begging and pleading from the fanbase and much lecturing from pundits everywhere, the San Jose Sharks have finally taken steps to bolster their roster of defensemen. The team has sent a 2012 second round pick to the Carolina Hurricanes in exchange for the talented defenseman, Ian White. The Sharks also sent Derek Joslin along as part of the deal.

It's a good price for White, who does a little of everything but fits especially well into the hole that former captain Rob Blake left when he retired before the 2010-2011 season. Even when the team had Blake on ice, they were considered weak defensively and survived for the most part due to the fan favorite goalie Evgeni Nabokov. This past offseason, they lost both "Nabby" and Blake, while doing virtually nothing in free agency to address the latter need for the immediate future. 

White's presence will bolster the defensive units and make the power play better throughout its lines, especially when he's able to give Dan Boyle a rest. He's good enough offensively to make a difference, and has a tendency to put a high volume of pucks at the net, a la the aforementioned Boyle. He hasn't been an offensive juggernaut this season with just two goals and fourteen assists, but he did hint at some issues with the Carolina coaching staff.

So maybe Todd McLellan can utilize him more effectively to bring out some offensive power, or perhaps he'll simply be there for his defense and nothing more, which would alone merit the second-round pick and the aforementioned Joslin.

Fear The Fin had a great breakdown earlier today and said much more than I could while in the middle of other things, so head on over there and check out what they've got to say.