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Sharks Score Three Unanswered In Second Period, Lead Red Wings, 4-2 Going Into Third

The Sharks continued their strong, fast play following their two goals, but eventually the Red Wings got it back into San Jose's zone and drew a penalty from Jamal Mayers on Justin Abdelkader, who seems to be a big target for San Jose today.

Detroit creates some opportunities in the power play, and were absolutely robbed by Antti Niemi at one point. The Sharks penalty kill worked to get the puck out of the zone, and actually got away with a solid killed penalty at Joe Louis while sustaining a lead, something San Jose isn't ... let's just say, isn't known for.

Tomas Holmstrom is called for goaltender interference. Mike Babcock is complaining to the reporter that it wasn't a penalty, always eager to get a word in. San Jose begins a power play of their own, but have no opportunities throughout the majority. Every time they get it in the zone, the Red Wings clear it out all the way back to Antti Niemi with almost no resistance. The power play ended without anything of note happening and only minimal shots taken on Jimmy Howard.

The Sharks then got things going after the power play, with several scoring chances and good control within the zone. Patrick Marleau and Niclas Wallin kept the puck in the zone and each San Jose player beat each Detroit player every time the puck was contested, but they weren't able to convert any of the scoring chances for this particular offensive attack.

A couple posession changes later and Dany Heatley got ahold of the puck again off a pass off the boards from Douglas Murray. Heatley skated at Howard, who came forward and was beaten for the Sharks fourth goal of the night, the second for Dany Heatley. Heatley was the calmer of the two, and it paid off at 18:57 of the second period.

The period comes to a close with San Jose leading at 4-2. Be sure to join in on the gameday discussion over at Fear The Fin.