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Sharks Trail Red Wings 1-0 After Power Play Goal

Some good, fast hockey to start the game. The Sharks created some scoring opportunities early, creating turnovers and keeping the puck in Detroit's zone, but that was flipped the other way after about two minutes, with the Red Wings creating most of the turnovers. Both goalies have made a couple good saves, with Antti Niemi of the Sharks coming up with a big one early.

After the initial offensive opportunity, the Red Wings began to pile on the scoring chances. San Jose is doing all they can to get the puck our of their own zone and then had to deal with a power play following a big hit from Derek Joslin on Justin Abdelkader.

Didn't take long for Detroit, Nicklas Lidstrom got a goal in early on into the power play and the Red Wings took a 1 - 0 lead. Shortly after just off the faceoff, the Red Wings almost put it in goal again, but San Jose was saved by the whistle.

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