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Kings Score Again, Hold 3-0 Lead Over The Sharks

That was disasterous for the Sharks. A slow game in which Antti Niemi does basically everything for San Jose can only end one way: with the other team on top because Niemi isn't indestructible. With fifteen minutes to go, the Sharks will look to fix things and make a comeback.

Two minutes later with the puck almost exclusively in the Sharks zone, and Los Angeles struck again. Drew Doughty fired off on goal, and Dany Heatley wasn't ready to get ahold of the rebound that he probably should have been able to get. Dustin Brown shoots between Heatley's legs and the Kings get their third goal of the period and the game, and lead by just as many.

This is followed by a Kings power play, but Patrick Marleau gets the puck all alone and almost gets a goal of his own, but he's stopped by Quick, but draws a slashing penalty and we have a 4-on-4. The Sharks get some momentum, but Joe Thornton gives away the puck on one of the laziest passes you'll ever see. Kings lead 3-0 with eight to go.

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