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Kings Score Twice In Rapid Succession, Sharks Trail 2-0

Well, we've hit the third period and neither team has put the puck in net. The Los Angeles Kings have come close a number of times, but Sharks netminder Antti Niemi has been great tonight. The period starts out slow, but two minutes in, disaster struck for San Jose. The puck was in their zone and Jamie McGinn went down, allowing time for a two-on-one with Jason Demers out of place, and then Trevor Lewis got the puck in net, beating Niemi over his left shoulder. Niemi didn't have much of a chance to stop that one.

The Sharks trail 1-0 behind the Kings now, and then the Sharks get two good shots on goal, Joe Thornton almost gets a goal. Then disaster for San Jose as the Kings scored again. Niemi just misplayed entirely, without any real trickery of any kind, he he conceded a goal to Marco Sturm to put the Kings up 2-0 with fifteen minutes to go in the third and final frame.

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