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Sharks And Kings Still Scoreless Through Two

That was a pretty abysmal first period for the Sharks, but if the trend is to continue, they should come out strong. And here they come and Joe Pavelski fires off on goal with Patrick Marleau to start the period. They're on the power play and they've got a couple shots on goal before the power play ended, but they started the period they way they needed to.

Fast forward oh ... twenty minutes, and still no scores. The Sharks had much more activity in the second period though. The Kings still outshot them, and kept the puck mostly in San Jose's zone, but the defense didn't leave every single shot up to Antti Niemi to stop on his own. Still, it took more fantastic play from Niemi to keep the Sharks in it, and it sure would be good for San Jose to give him something to work with in the third period.

Neither team has scored, though both have come close. It's 0-0 heading into the third period of play at HP Pavilion.

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