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Sharks, Kings Scoreless Through One

Well, the thought was that the Sharks had to start fast, but they've failed to do that thus far. The Kings largely controlled the puck throughout the first fifteen minutes of play and Antti Niemi has been the sole reason that the game is still knotted at zero. Through fifteen minutes, the Kings have outshot the Sharks to the tune of 15-to-1. Fifteen shots to one is a ludicrous mark and the Sharks need to do some things.

With five minutes to go, the Sharks got the puck in Los Angele's zone for a short while, but couldn't do anything with it. Fast forward a minute, and the Kings are back in the Sharks zone and Niemi makes another great save. Every time the Sharks get the puck, it seems like it's turned over almost immediately. They look slow, and their movements are lazy and expected. In the last minute, San Jose actually created a scoring opportunity and then drew a power play with 40 seconds to go in the period.

Thornton fires off a shot, it's saved and the Sharks pass it back and forth before Dany Heatley got a shot on goal, then almost catches a rebound with a backhand. A quick scare for the Kings before they clear it away. A one timer from Boyle, and the period ends at 0-0.

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