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Sharks-Blackhawks: Marleau Turns On The Jets, Gets Power Play Goal

Cue sloppy play from both teams as they exchanged turnovers in their respective zones numerous times following the Chicago Blackhawks goal. Every time San Jose gets set up for a scoring opportunity, they give it up before it can get fully established. Once that happens, Chicago takes it back up the ice, fires, misses, and San Jose repeats their efforts of taking it up ice, turning it over and hustling back.

Troy Brouwer had a great chance on Antti Niemi, but Niemi robbed him of the goal. The Sharks commentators make a good point: San Jose is not eliminating chances like they should be. They have a lead, and they are slowing down, like they have been prone to do as of late. They're not moving the puck like they should be and they're giving up the big turnovers.

As I type that, San Jose is awarded a power play at 12:51 off of a delay of game penalty in the Chicago zone during a scoring chance. The power play starts off fast, but the Blackhawks clear it out twice in succession. Joe Thornton takes the puck up center ice and fires a pass to Patrick Marleau, who turned the jets on and blew past a Chicago player to beat Marty Turco with a goal to put San Jose up 4-2 on the Blackhawks.

Is it an insurance goal? It is, after all, a two-goal lead.

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