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Sharks-Blackhawks: Both Teams Score Early In Second, Sharks Lead 2-1

After a fast-paced first period, the Sharks got things started early into the second frame. Jamal Mayers got the goal at 2:37 of the period, off of assists from John McCarthy and Scott Nichol. This was off of a Nichol faceoff win, a missed shot from McCarthy and Mayers caught it on the rebound.

Didn't take much longer for the Blackhawks to answer back though, Jake Dowell scored off of a faceoff victory against Patrick Marleau. The goal required official review and it took them an awful long time to review. The Sharks broadcasters thought that the goal shouldn't count for the most part, but it was ruled good and the Blackhawks got themselves back to within one and trail the Sharks 2-1 early in the second frame.

Hey, you ... yes, you! If you're not over at Fear The Fin discussing the game with your fellow Sharks fans, I'll punch you right in the mouth. I'm not even joking, that's just what I do, son.