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NHL Power Rankings: Sharks Doing Well For Themselves In Rankings

Looks like my initial feelings were a bit premature regarding the Sharks power ranking positioning. It appears that the victories over the Calgary Flames and the "juggernaut," Los Angeles Kings was enough to give the Sharks a decent boost and allow them to hold it when the losses started racking up.

Out of the three power rankings we're looking through today, the Sharks sit in the top 10 of two of them. The Sharks sit at number 10 on Fox Sports' Weekly Power Rankings, four spots higher than they were last week, referencing the point totals the Sharks have come away with in recent games, which is certainly always nice. The Sharks' worst defeats were affairs in which they dropped two-goal leads and fell in overtime, but garnered points for the goals scored, enough to keep them going.

San Jose held at the eight position in CBS Sports Weekly Power Rankings, citing play that has been inconsistent at best. It appears that the consensus is that the Sharks are a really good hockey team, but that it's just not coming together like it should. Its high ranking illustrates that yes, it doesn't matter who you are, the Sharks can put six points on you, a la the Los Angeles Kings game.

ESPN has them the lowest, at 18 as opposed to their previous ranking of six. ESPN's Weekly Power Rankings seems to illustrate a monumental overreaction week-in and week-out, but hey; that's just how they vote, no problems there. They cite a team that should be among the league's leaders, but admit there is definitely something missing.