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Sharks Looking For Second Straight In Sweden

Things will be mostly the same for both teams on Saturday for the second game straight in Stockholm, Sweden. The Columbus Blue Jackets will keep their lineup, including goalie, intact while the Sharks and their lineup should be good to go as well. On Friday, the Sharks won the opener 3-2 with a late power play goal by Logan Couture, while new team captain Joe Thornton scored one of his own, with starting goalie Antti Niemi playing mostly well.

The only real change for the Sharks is one important to the team's success in 2010-2011: goalie Antero Niittymaki will be in net for the team in place of Niemi. The Sharks are going for a tandem of two this year and the success of both goalies will be crucial for the team to continue to be a staple in the NHL Playoffs. Niemi passed his first test despite two rapid-fire goals, now Niittymaki will need to show off what he can do on top of that.