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Earthquakes vs. Columbus Crew: Alan Gordon Salvages a Draw for Second Consecutive Week

The San Jose Earthquakes must feel like they are in the movie Groundhog Day. For the second week in a row, the Quakes hosted a struggling side at Buckshaw Stadium. For the second week in a row, the Quakes hoped to take advantage of playing at home against a weaker side, in order to return to the top of the Western Conference standings. For the second week in a row, the Quakes fell behind in a match that they were favored. For the second week in a row, the Quakes peppered the opposing team's goalie, and dominated the stat box, but without peppering the scoring line. And finally, for the second week in a row, just as it appeared the Quakes would suffer a painful loss, substitute Alan Gordon scored the tying goal with little to no time left in the match.

The Quakes fell behind to the Crew at the end of the first half with a beautiful shot that floated over the keeper's head and landed just inside the far post. There was not much anyone on the Quakes could do as Justin Meram took a couple feet of space and turned it into a shot that went to the only place keeper Jon Busch could not get to. As the sides went in for halftime, almost no one could believe that the Quakes were trailing.

In the second half, the Quakes continued to pressure the Crew, but continued to struggle getting the ball past Crew keeper Andy Gruenebaum, who had a terrific day for the visiting side. As the minutes ticked closer and closer towards the end of the match, it appeared almost certain that the Quakes would walk away without any points, when three points should have clearly been the goal.

Then, in stoppage time, the savior of the Quakes near loss to Chivas USA last weekend, showed up big again. Alan Gordon once again saved the day for the Quakes. With San Jose pushing desperately to find an equalizer late in the game, Gordon found himself with the ball at his feet, inside the box, with a great opportunity to score. Gordon took a shot that flew by the keeper and smashed into the crossbar. Just as Quakes fans began to let out a sigh of disappointment, Gordon rushed to finish what he had started, going airborn and doing a modified bicycle kick that slotted the ball in the back of the net.

Once again, thanks to Gordon, the Quakes walked away with one point, when it appeared clear they would walk away with none.