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Earthquakes to Host EPL's Swansea City on July 31 At Buck Shaw Stadium

According to a report from the San Jose Mercury News' Elliot Almond, the San Jose Earthquakes will host the English Premiere League's Swansea city on July 31 at Buck Shaw Stadium for it's annual summer meeting with a club outside of the MLS.

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This marks the third straight year the Earthquakes have played an EPL club in a summer exhibition after taking on West Bromwich Albion FC last season in which the Quakes won 2-1.

The Swans aren't erxactly Manchestuer United or Chelsea, they are still part of one of the greatest leagues in the world. They've also made some history as the first Welsh team to make it all the way to the Premiership. Swansea City (11-15-11) is currently 12th in the standings and will be back in the Premiership next season.

Swansea City will also play the Colorado Rapids on July 24.

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