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Earthquakes Stadium: Team President David Kaval Ready To Get Started [VIDEO]

Fans of the San Jose Earthquakes have been dreaming of an actual stadium for their favorite team for a long, long time, and after the San Jose City Planning Commission unanimously voted in favor if the proposed site, their dreams may finally come true.

But there may be no other person as excited for this development that team president David Kaval, who went on CSN Bay Area's SportsNet Central Thursday night to discuss how the meeting went down Wednesday night, the team's plans with the stadium moving forward, and what this means to the franchise and the MLS:

With a new stadium next to their Nutrilite training facility in San Jose, the Quakes can hopefully draw a greater shhare of the media market, draw more attention to themselves and the MLS in general, while gaining the money to bolster the product on the pitch. Fans have already started a Build It Now campaign on twitter, hoping to help get the project rolling sooner than later.

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