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Earthquakes Stadium: Planning Commission Unanimously Approves New San Jose Stadium

The San Jose Earthquakes have been looking to get a new stadium for a while now, but finally have the green light to get one started.

The San Jose Planning Commission held a public hearing Wednesday night, listening to two plus hours of deliberation, but eventually deciding on a unanimous 6-0 vote to uphold the Earthquakes' Planned Development Permit on their desired location for their new stadium. The Newhall Residents Association, a local neighborhood group, appealed the original approval for the permit noting issues with light and noise pollution.

But that was the final hurdle preventing construction for the new stadium at 1125 Coleman Avenue in San Jose, right next door to the team's Nutrilite training facility built last year.

Quakes President David Kaval was understandably pleased with the decision:

"Tonight's decision to uphold the Planned Development Permit that we received in December is a milestone not just for the San Jose Earthquakes but all Bay Area soccer fans. Our club and its stakeholders have worked hard through this process and we feel that we have a great plan for our new stadium.Looking ahead, our club will now begin the work of finalizing the stadium design and financing plan. The goal is to put shovels in the ground this year."

This is big for the Quakes, who are currently without a sponsor this season.

10 of 12 available field-level luxury suites for the new stadium have been sold already according to the team, generating over $3.5 million already for the project. For more information about the remaining suites, visit, email or call 408-556-7700.

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