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Earthquakes Re-Sign English Midfielder Simon Dawkins

The San Jose Earthquakes are poised to have their strongest lineup is a few years time with the news that the club has re-signed English midfielder Simon Dawkins, and with the revised playoff scenario that gets only five teams from the Western Conference in this season, they'll have the talent to make a strong push, at least on paper anyway.

Coach Frank Yallop certainly isn't lacking confidence in this bunch, speaking with the media after the signing of Dawkins:

"We're making sure we addressed the things we lacked last year," coach Frank Yallop said. "If you look at the squad, it is better than it has ever been."

Dawkins, 24, becomes the Pièce de résistance of San Jose's offseason moves that included signing Tressor Moreno from Columbia, an incredibly aggresive and attacking midfielder, while Dawkins has sound defensive fundamentals as well.

In only his second MLS season, Dawkins began with Tottenham Hotspur in 2004, but has yet to reach his true potential due to some unfortunate injuries.Dawkins was with the Quakes on loan from Tottenham last year, hoping he could shine on West and return to the premiership. Apparently they want ot give him another season in America.

Dawkins had six goals and two assists until a hamstring strain slowed him down in July.

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