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San Jose Earthqakes in Mobi Fehr lottery

San Jose, Seattle and Portland are all in the running for Fehr's services.


The San Jose Earthquakes are in the running to acquire Mobi Fehr in a weighed lottery on Tuesday. Their chances are slim but it's still a chance.

According to the San Jose Mercury News, the Earthquakes have a 1.4 percent chance to bring on the former under-17 national team defender. The other two teams in the running - Portland and Seattle - have 83.1 and 15.5 percent chances, respectively.

Fehr wants to play on the west coast which is why these are the three teams eligible for his services. Fehr hopes to use MLS to build up a reputation and to perform at a level that could potentially lead to him heading to Europe to play. He credits MLS' growing international reputation as one of the primary reasons for him signing with the league. He also felt MLS was a good environment for younger players.

Fehr eventually wants to land a spot on the under-20 team for the next World Cup.