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2012 MLB Playoff Standings: Oakland A's gain ground in AL West, Braves clinch postseason spot

The National League already knew who two of their three division winners were as of Tuesday: the Giants in the West and the Reds in the Central. The Nationals have clinched a playoff spot, although they are yet to secure the top spot in the East.

Two wild card spots were open as of yesterday, but that changed as Freddie Freeman's walk-off homer propelled the Braves to a 4-3 win and a playoff birth. Atlanta sits four games back of the Nationals in the NL East with eight games to play.

As for the second wild card spot, a look at Sports Illustrated's updated standings show the St. Louis Cardinals hold a 4 1/2 game lead over the Dodgers and Brewers. The Cardinals won their game on Tuesday, but both L.A. and Milwaukee lost and dropped yet another game back. Barring a collapse from St. Louis it appears they will be one of the two wild card teams.

In the American League, the Yankees hold a 1 1/2 game lead over the Orioles and a five-game lead over the Rays. The White Sox and Tigers are tied for the Central division lead with 82-72 records. The Rangers hold a four-game lead over the Athletics and a six-game lead over the Angels in the West.

Here is a complete look at the AL wild card standings:

American League Wild Card Standings

Baltimore 88 67 .567 0 Lost 2
Oakland 87 67 .564 0.5 Won 2
Los Angeles 85 69 .551 2.5 Won 4
Tampa Bay 84 70 .545 3.5 Lost 2
Detroit 82 72 .532 5.5 Won 2
Seattle 72 82 .467 15.5 Lost 2
Kansas City 70 84 .454 17.5 Lost 3
Boston 69 86 .445 19 Lost 1
Toronto 68 86 .441 19.5 Won 2
Minnesota 65 90 .419 23 Won 1
Cleveland 64 91 .412 24 Won 1

(updated 9.25.2012 at 10:50 PM MST)