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Bruce Bochy not sure who will catch Tim Lincecum during playoffs

Bruce Bochy hasn't made a decision yet as to whether Hector Sanchez or Buster Posey will catch Tim Lincecum during the playoffs.

Brian Kersey - Getty Images

Bruce Bochy has a lot of prep work to do as he prepares his San Francisco Giants for the playoffs. A few things still need to be figured out, like who will be catching Tim Lincecum.

Hector Sanchez has caught a majority of Lincecum's games since the All Star Break, but Bochy hasn't decided if Buster Posey (and his bat) will be back in the mix come playoff time.

I think [Lincecum's] next start will tell you which way we'll go there," Bochy told CSN Bay Area.

While Lincecum has struggled a bit on the mound, Posey has been phenomenal behind the plate. He has a chance to take home the NL batting title and is hitting .332/.405/.541 with 23 home runs and 98 RBIs.

Sanchez is by no means a slouch with a bat in his hands but he leaves something to be desired compared to Posey. Sanchez is hitting .274/.287/.368 with two home runs and 32 RBIs in 209 plate appearances this year.