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MLB Playoffs: So, What About Melky Cabrera And The Giants?

The San Francisco Giants are in the playoffs after securing another NL West title on Saturday. And they did it without the services of Melky Cabrera, who in the midst of an NL MVP-caliber season, was suspended for 50 games for performance-enhancing drugs.

Those 50 games began on Aug. 15, meaning Cabrera could come back to the active roster six games into the playoffs. But as the Mercury News' Tim Kawakami breaks down, Cabrera may not get that chance.

Yes, Cabrera might get his reinstatement on paper but his need on the team has waned. The team has figured out its identity without him and sliding him back into the lineup with the litany of questions that would accompany his return, may not be worth it for a team in a rhythm heading into the postseason.

To the Giants, Kawakami says that: "He's just gone, and he's not coming back."

A 24-9 record since Cabrera's exit is proof enough that the Giants can get it done with their current roster. And with no ability to use the minor leagues to get back into game shape, Cabrera's return would be awkward and troublesome all around.

Maybe staying where he's at is the best thing for everybody.

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