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[VIDEO] Gregor Blanco Makes Spectacular Diving Grab

San Francisco Giants pitcher Matt Cain might be looking to make Gregor Blanco his personal center fielder.

Blanco's perfect game-saving catch back on June 13 has already etched the white shark into Giants lore, but he made another unbelievable grab on Wednesday night against the New York Mets that is right up there with the best catches made in all of baseball this year.


Wow. Just wow.

With the addition of Hunter Pence to the outfield guys like Blacno know that he'll have to impress the skipper if he wants to continue to get playing time. With Angel Pagan likely to return to the lineup tonight and Melky Cabrera and Pence the other starting outfielders, it's going to take a few more of these for Gregor to be a mainstay in the lineup.

Blanco went 0-3 with a walk last night, but stole his 19th bag of the season. Still, with defensive performances like this, he may just become Matt Cain's personal outfielder after all.

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