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Home Run Derby 2012: Bautista Survives Dreaded Swingoff; Advances to Face Fielder

Carlos Beltran faltered a bit in the second round, only hitting five home runs to finish with a total of 12 before the final round. Unfortunately for him, that wasn't enough as Prince Fielder went completely jolly, ending with a combined total of 16 dingers.

Mark Trumbo did a fine job of clubbing balls, battling into a swing off with Jose Bautista who had a poor second round showing to both finish with a combined 13 home runs. But Bautista once again showed why he is one of the premier sluggers in the MLB, hitting his first two pitches for home runs to advance to face Prince Fielder, who continued his one man assault on the waterfalls of Kauffman Stadium.

And Brandon McCarthy proved why he is always worth following on Twitter.

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