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Home Run Derby 2012: Kemp Falls Flat On Face; Beltran Advances

The first round of the home run derby took quite some time to pass, well over one hour and a half, with media criticism coming from an over analyzing off what is essentially a glorified tee-ball practice.

Matt Kemp did what all Giants fans wish upon Dodgers fans - absolutely nothing, and became the first participant since Brandon Inge in 2009 to fail to hit a single home run in the first round. The Home Run Derby was Kemp's first official MLB event since injuring his hamstring in late May.

Mark Trumbo hit some of the most entertaining shots, Prince Fielder launched a couple into the fountains, and Carlos Beltran hit seven pretty uneventful home runs to all advance with Jose Bautista. Bautista went absolutely ballistic and led all hitters with 11 home runs.

And then there was Jose Canseco.

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