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Giants Adjust Lineup To Show Faith In Lincecum, According To Report

San Francisco Giants manager Bruce Bochy announced that Tim Lincecum will start the second came following the All-Star break, according to a report from CSN Bay Area. That means Lincecum will make his start at home against the Houston Astros, rather than in the following road series against the Atlanta Braves. But the timing wasn't everything, Bochy said:

"He's still our guy. He and Matt and Bum, we want to get those guys out there as much as we can in the second half. Because we think he's going to have a better second half."

Bochy also said that Lincecum has thrown well in practice sessions, and looked better in his last start despite giving up eight earned runs. That's a career high, but Lincecum struggled throughout the first half, posting a 3-9 record with a 6.08 ERA. Making sure your players have confidence in themselves is an important job for a manager, but Giants fans have to wonder if Bochy has the proper balance between that and giving the Giants their best chance at winning.

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