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MLB Trade Rumors: Nate Schierholtz Denies Trade Request, According To Report

According to a report from CSN Bay Area's Andrew Baggarly, San Francisco Giants outfielder Nate Schierholtz has not requested a formal trade, though may be better suited elsewhere regardless.

"I haven't said one thing about anything other than baseball in two weeks," said Schierholtz, who told the San Francisco Chronicle earlier this month that he would be open to a change of scenery that would give him the opportunity to play every day.

"Nothing has changed at all. My agent knows if anybody is going to say anything (to the Giants), it's me. I expressed how I felt a couple weeks ago and that was the end of it."

Schierholtz stressed that he is not a unhappy playing with the Giants, but would like an opportunity to play on an everyday basis. He's been getting more playing time lately, and is batting .353 with 6 hits, two doubles and three RBI's in the last seven days. Could he be getting showcased for other clubs? Possibly, but Bruce Bochy might need him around with Aubrey Huff and Angel Pagan injuring themselves on Monday night.

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