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MLB Trade Rumors: Giants Still Interested In Hunter Pence, Brandon League

As the MLB trade deadline approaches, the San Francisco Giants continue to have discussions with multiple teams at adding some talent.

Rumors earlier on Monday were that Hunter Pence was to be traded to the Giants, but that indeed had not happened yet, though Fox Sports' Jon Paul Morosi tweeted that they are still discussing Pence with the Phillies. ESPN's Jayson Stark wrote about the possible Pence trade as well, but noted that they "appear to have too many payroll issues and too few chips to make that deal work right now."

Morosi also tweeted about the Mariners Brandon League and the Giants involvement earlier today as well, which remains an interesting idea for San Francisco. Earlier in the week the Mariners were said to be looking into first baseman Brandon Belt, but there's hasn't any word of that deal since. League and Belt involved in a trade? Stay tuned for more.

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