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MLB Trade Rumors: Giants Could Deal Brandon Belt To Mariners, According To Report

Trade rumors around Major League Baseball fly left and right this time of year. Whether it be a star hitter, late-inning reliever or veteran starting pitcher to bolster the rotation, you can bet teams are going to be making calls before the July 31 trade deadline hits.

The Giants are known to want a relief pitcher and a hitter, but talk of them trading players already on the big league roster was never really brought up before today. According to one report, the Mariners are very interested in Brandon Belt and are trying to work out a deal. This being said, nothing is imminent.

The Mariners have one of the better farm systems around, but as Cameron suggests, the two clubs might not be a great match. Most of the talent in Seattle's system is with young, lower-level pitchers, who wouldn't exactly help San Francisco in the playoff run.

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